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It's hard to find jewelry that looks like real gold, but costs way less. 

Gold filled contains 5% of solid gold, compared to 0.5% for gold-plated jewelry, which makes them last much longer and safe for sensitive skin. All products have the code 1/20 14k GF stamped, which shows that you are buying gold filled and it thick layer of gold is 14 karat.
Goldside jewelry are made for everyday wear and require just
a little care! Each piece is unique and will change differently over
time depending on each one lifestyle.

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, we’re here to
give you some useful tips!

🧪Avoid contact with chemicals
🏊‍♀️Remove before sports and pool swimming
🛌Take off before sleeping
Store in a jewelry box


Gold filled is very easy to clean. You only need liquid soap or toothpaste.
🧼Most of the time rubbing the jewel with liquid soap or with
a need of a very soft toothbrush, it shines again like day one, but you may
need to use toothpaste to rub the jewel if it’s very dirty. Rinse with cold
water then dry with a tissue until completely dry🌟.


🥇Quality alternative to solid-gold
💪More durable than gold-plated
🪙50-100 times more gold than gold plated
🪄Does not change color, flake or fade
✅Doesn't cause any allergic reaction
🧼Easy to clean